The Corporation is running a Working Women Hostel, which is providing accommodation to the working women & students of Professional courses as well. This hostel has a very spacious complex with vast lawn and is an ideal place for modern living. The boarding and lodging charges being charged are well within the reach of students as well as service class. The total capacity is of 72 beds. Presently, the mess is being run on Co-operative basis by the residents of the Hostel itself.

Rates as per the income criteria of the residents
Rent Income upto Rs. 15000/- p.m. Rs. 1650/- p.m.
Rs. 15001/- - Rs. 25,000/- p.m. Rs. 2750/- p.m.
Rs. 25001/- Rs. 50,000/- p.m. Rs. 5500/- p.m.
Elect. & Water Charges Rs. 550/- p.m.  
Maintenance Charges Rs. 220/- p.m.  
Charges at the time of admission
Admission Fee Rs. 300/-
Application fee Rs. 200/-

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Updated date: 05/27/2020 - 16:25
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