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Sponsorship Foster care Scheme

Sponsorship is the provision of supplementary support to families to meet the needs of their children to improve their quality of life. The focus of the scheme is on deinstitutionalization of children already residing in child care institutions with financial support of Rs. 2000/- pm per child.

Benefits under sponsorship scheme will be provided for maximum three years or upto 18 years, whichever is earlier to the children of widow/divorced/abandoned mother, orphan children, children of incapacitated parents or suffering from life threatening disease. The total income of the family should be Rs 30,000/- per annum in Chandigarh.


            There are two types of Sponsorship:

1) REHABILITATIVE- Children placed into institutions by families as a poverty coping measure to reunite them with their families

2) PREVENTIVE – Support to families living in extreme conditions of deprivation or exploitation to enable the child to remain in his/her family.

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