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Day Care Centre for Elderly Disabled has been setup in order to provide quality clinical and social services in a safe, supportive, and stimulating environment to those elderly disabled adults who cannot remain alone, but do not require 24-hour residential care. The staff at the Center promotes hope and support to the ageing and disabled and at the same time, strives to promote wellness, independence, and dignity.

                        Department of Social Welfare, Chandigarh Administration has setup this centre with an aim of promoting “Ageing with Joy& Dignity”. It provides social & emotional support, psychological counseling, recreational activities etc.

                        This ambitious and innovative project provides comprehensive facilities for the older persons–ranging from- diet, nutrition & fitness, recreational area, Computer rooms and library, dining halls etc. A fully equipped Day Care Centre for use of disabled senior citizens of Chandigarh is providing much-needed avenue for interaction and social support.

                        A qualified team of experts comprising Doctor, Counselor, and Attendants etc. are working for empowerment of disabled older persons, giving attention to the protection of their rights, their participation in society and the Promotion of a positive image of ageing. The Centre promotes a home-like atmosphere, offering a bright, clean, and cheery environment.

                        The members participate in different psychologically satisfying and socially meaningful activities. Some of the facilities which are being provided include:-



  • Health Services (Yoga, Meditation, Health Check-up, Consultation etc.)
  • Religious discourse & Spiritual programs
  • Computer Learning/Training.
  • Library & reading room.
  • Entertainment (television, indoor games, Music room)
  • Psycho Social Counseling.
  • Information dissemination on government Schemes meant for the Elderly.
  • Group discussions and seminars etc.
  • Digital Literacy Programme (using of Bhim app, Paytm, Free charge etc.)
  • Holy trips/Outing.
  • Tea and snacks.

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