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Loan Form For Physically Handicapped Persons

(A) Particulars of the Applicants:-
(B) Proposed Activities:-
To Be Filled For The Loan Amount Above Rs. 25,000
(C) Cost of the project (Rs. in lakhs)
Sr.No. Item
1. Miscellaneous Fixed Assets
2. Preliminary Preoperative Expense
3. Contigencies & Cost Escalations
4. Others, if any (Please specify stock)
Sr.No. Source Amount & % Total Cost
1. Promoter's Contribution
2. Subsidy, if any
3. Term Loan
4. Banks / Other Financial Institution
(D) Technical Details And Economic of Project Manpower Requirement
Sr.No. Category Average Salary Per Month
1. Managerial
2. Supervisors
3. Skilled
4. Unskilled

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