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Sponsorship Scheme -A financial assistance to promote family based care with a view to improve the quality of life of children

Sponsorship Scheme- Sponsorship is the provision of supplementary support to families to meet the needs of their children to improve their quality of life. The focus of the scheme is to promote family based care & deinstitutionalization of children with financial support of Rs. 2000/- pm per child. Benefits under sponsorship scheme will be provided for maximum three years or upto 18 years, whichever is earlier.

Who is eligible for availing the benefits of the Scheme:

  • Children, in institutions who can be restored to families (De- Institutionalization)
  • Children whose parent/bread earner is in jail
  • Widows / Divorced / Abandoned Mothers
  • Orphan Children who are living with the extended family;
  • Parents who are victims of life threatening disease;
  • Incapacitated Parents who are unable to take care of children financially and physically.    

Note:    Total Family Income of eligible families / children must not exceed Rs. 30,000/-

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